Gynae Ultrasound

15 11 2010

Gynae Ultrasound starts at Gracefield 22 11 10.


Meetings for 2010

10 01 2010

13th January Gracefield Gardens Room OA14 3rd Floor – Board
10th February Hetherington Group Practice – Board
10th March The Valley Road Surgery – Board
14th April  Gracefield Gardens OA15 РAll members
12th May Hetherington Group Practice – Board
9th June Streatham Hill Group Practice – Board
14th July Brixton Hill Group Practice – Board
11th August Gracefield Gardens ST01 & ST02 Ground Floor – All members
8th September Prentis Road – Dr Masterton – Board
13th October Brixton Hill group Practice – Board
10th November Streatham Hill Group Practice – Board
8th December Gracefield Gardens – All members

Renal Clinic Update

10 12 2009

1)There is now a monthly clinic in Clapham at the Clapham Family Practice. The Gracefield Gardens clinic will continue.

2)Referrals can now be emailed to our new address Any enquiries can also be addressed to this address or to me at

3) There is a new fax number for referrals based at the Clapham Family Practice 0207 622 5566 and Patsy Cobham based there will arrange appointments.

Referrals are not counted against Practice budgets as this is a block contract.

If there are any practices we have not visited please let me know so we can visit you to talk around Chronic kidney disease and the clinic.

Referral Form

Board Meeting 02 12 09

1 12 2009

Gracefield Gardens 2-4pm

02.12.09 Agenda

Board Meeting 07 10 09

1 10 2009

At Hetherington Group Practice 2-4pm.


Notes last meeting 09-09-09

Commissioning intentions summary – SaCH

SaCH commissioning intentions 201011-PBCEnc 1


Enc 2 NHSLondon planning guidance for PBC

Board Meeting 08 07 09

7 07 2009

Board meeting 2 – 4 pm at Brixton Hill Group Practice.

08.07.09 Agenda

In reference to the BSU update item on the agenda, please read the Terms of Reference relating to the BSU and Lambeth PBC Collaborative.

Lambeth Community Joint Assessment Clinic

24 06 2009

SWLOCAS has rebranded as Lambeth Community Joint Assessment Clinic.

Revised GP and patient information and new referral forms are here.

Joint Assessment Clinic,service description for GPs

Joint Assessment Clinic Information leaflet

new MCATTS referral form peripheral 12.6.09

new MCATTS referral form spinal 12.6.09